No challenge is too big


Top-notch technology, premium service

SKYLABS (a Matrix Group Company) is a leading fintech service provider company, creating technological solutions and global marketing services for our clients worldwide.

We empower innovative companies around the world with cutting-edge financial technologies as well as marketing, web development and R&D services. We develop and support advanced online trading platforms and apps, including related features and tools to fit our clients’ needs. Our professional teams use knowledge, creativity and top-notch technologies to achieve the impossible and no challenge is too big for us.


What we do

Drawing from our ample experience, we’re quick to identify the needs of modern online trading companies in an ever-changing environment and have developed the skillset required to address them. Our different departments are integrated to provide cutting-edge trading platforms, innovative tools and the marketing and data-analysis required to support them.

Get to know our main departments:

Web development
Content management

In our line of work, staying in the same place is the same as going backwards, so we constantly need to advance in the fields of technologies, data science and big data extrapolation. We implement cutting-edge strategies to improve our clients’ products, always striving to take them to the next level and then to the next one. We’ve built online trading applications with dynamic UI, A / B testing and 3rd party integrations. Team members conduct in-depth testing and data mining, examine user behaviour and create new ways to place our clients’ products ahead of their competitors.We were also contracted to develop a Campaign Manager/EMERP system, designed to manage digital media campaigns via various channels, with a subsystem for various media creatives as well as an efficient subsystem for billing, responsible for the supplier billing and payments management, which operates alongside related systems and components including our LP generator, event collector, actual delivery and BI.

We work on many different top-notch technological solutions, often simultaneously, focusing on tools related to the fintech industry. Our technology department creates solutions for clients worldwide. Our engineers handle all aspects of the software system lifecycle, including business analysis, research, development, delivery, operations and compliance.Among the systems we build, you can find online trading systems and apps, payments processing gateways, CRM, reporting and BI, marketing campaign management and a line of business applications.Being a service provider in highly regulated, demanding and competitive markets, we put a strong emphasis on security, performance and availability of our software and infrastructure. We are constantly developing upgrades and are always open to new, innovative ideas. We must always adapt our services to comply with high security standards and multiple government -fast changing- regulations around the world.
Examples of the client applications we develop include public websites, user facing web and mobile applications and different user interfaces of internal back office systems. The apps we’ve built serve thousands of concurrent users, with each handling multiple updates every second.
Our backend services involve real-time message processing and highly complex financial calculations. We support hundreds of thousands of messages as well as millions of calculations performed every single second. This also involves complex job scheduling and parallel processing.Another leading example of the technologies we’ve developed for our clients is an exclusive, proprietary CRM system for web. In a world where up-to-date information is a crucial advantage our CRM system is capable of simultaneously integrating with other systems, such as websites, trading platforms, communication channels and phone switchboards. This CRM system displays real time information, supporting the flows of different departments in the organization, from lead to client, while complying and reacting in real time to existing and changing regulatory requirements.

Our marketing team is energetic and driven. We team up with our clients from the early stages of developing their marketing strategy through the entire process to result analysis and optimisation. We constantly explore new medias, concepts and platforms, so that we can give our clients not just what they ask for, but what they really need. By thinking outside the box we’re able to offer customised solutions developed in-house, to suit different clients, cultures and goals. We use innovative SEO strategies, engage in affiliation B2B solutions and our media buying teams incorporate elaborate marketing strategies in an ever-changing, highly competitive markets. Our in-depth understanding of various regulations, markets and technologies allows us to deliver unique, tailor-made solutions to our clients worldwide.

Our dedicated web development team works on a wide array of creative and dynamic products for both web and mobile. This includes an abundance of Landing Pages, Web pages and mailers in over 20 languages. We employ HTML, CSS, Java script and PHP as the basis, using Drupal and other environments. We are constantly edging forward to keep up with technological changes, aspiring to be at the forefront of the industry, as we believe that our clients deserve nothing less.

Our creative team is fun, edgy and professional. We reinvent concepts, create new ones, find solutions that exceed imagination and employ their creative powers to produce remarkable products. Our department includes in-house copywriters, designers and UI/UX experts who not only excel in what they do, but also enjoy it. With years of experience in developing creative products for multiple markets, we understand that each client has a whole new set of requirements… and you know what? We love a good challenge.

Our content team has a lot on its plate, and we do mean A LOT. Our diversified clients use numerous platforms for web and mobile and some offer their services in dozens of markets in over 20 languages simultaneously. Since we mainly operate in the financial industry, new regulations constantly appear, demanding quick actions and adaptations made nearly overnight across all medias. To meet such ambitious requirements, you need to have the best content team in the world and luckily for us, we do.

Our HR team operates in a growing, dynamic environment and faces challenges such as changing company structure and an ever-evolving regulatory and technological reality. We must quickly adapt to different needs while seeing to the best interest of the individuals as well as the company as a whole. Skylabs understands the value of advancing and empowering employees and we extensively invest in training and expanding the knowledge of our employees and managers. Our reward is seeing people grow with us and stay with the company for many years.


Who we are

SKYLABS is a fintech service provider, operating under the umbrella of Matrix, a large digital solution company with over 17 years of experience. Our main business is supporting, improving and promoting online trading platforms for our international clients in a highly competitive industry.

We operate in a constantly changing environment where yesterday’s innovation is today’s old news. This requires that we diligently continue to move further while harnessing advanced, innovative technologies. We always strive further and aim higher, and we are always keeping our eyes on the horizon.

We specialize in…

  • creating online trading platforms for web and mobile
  • developing advanced apps, trading tools and features for international investment firms
  • building, operating and supporting frontend and backend technologies
  • operating in a dynamic regulative environment
  • offering content management services in over 20 languages
  • integrating our platforms and tools with 3rd parties
  • conducting behaviour and data analysis and dynamic UI, A / B testing
  • providing marketing materials such as LPs, banners, web pages, mailers and more
  • complying research and data analysis to optimise and improve results

Our clients

Skylabs serves clients in multiple languages
and numerous locations around the globe.

Our values

Skylabs operates under Matrix, a company with over 17 years of experience. While our technological abilities and vision underwent many changes over the years, our core values remain the same.


One of our main mottos is "why be good when you can be excellent?" In a competitive market, we maintain high standards of professionalism with any task, big or small.

Employee empowerment

Our people are our greatest asset. They receive extensive training and support and we are happy to see many of them grow with us for many years.


We understand that our clients' success is our success. With this in mind, we methodically identify market needs, analyse data and find the ideal solutions for our clients.


Operating in Fintech, we’re responsible for other people’s money. We must act with complete transparency, following strict regulations, to provide our clients with the most accurate, stable and reliable tools they need to do business with their clients.

Our team

A short message from a few people who help shape our company…

"When I look at SKYLABS, I don’t see a company. I see remarkable people who work and think as a team and have fun while they do it. The industry we’re in is extremely dynamic and full of challenges that appear daily, and it’s thanks to our talented personnel that we’re still here and growing every year."

Ronit, General Manager & Head of People

"SKYLABS is not just a great place to work. It’s a learning environment, an exciting place where things happen all the time and it’s also a family. We work together, we support each other, and we have a lot of fun along the way"


"SKYLABS is a great place to work and it offers a lot of opportunities to grow and advance. What I love most about this company is that you are constantly encouraged to explore new ideas and expand your knowledge. I work with amazing individuals that help me evolve, learn and constantly encourage me to improve."

Doron, Application Group Leader

"I love a good challenge and in SKYLABS, every day brings new ones. We juggle languages, markets and constant regulatory changes, and always end up with the upper hand. Our products constantly changes so we change with them - developing new strategies, using new technologies and finding solutions that exceed imagination. It’s hectic, fascinating and never gets boring."

Yael, Project and Content Manager

"After many years of working in creative departments, I can easily say that I couldn’t have asked for a better team. We dream big, we aim high and we hit every mark. Sure, there are some very busy days, but to be perfectly honest, these are the days I enjoy the most."

Alin, Studio – Team leader

"I’ve learned a lot since I started working for SKYLABS. We operate in a ridiculously competitive market, so we always need to stay four steps ahead. We implement innovative data analysis methods, use information to promote and enhance our clients’ products and essentially achieve the impossible."

Gadi, SEO Manager

Get a peek of what we do for fun:

SKYLABS is not just a workplace, it’s also a family. For us, every employee as a cherished asset and we believe in ‘come as you are, do what you love'.

Our employees enjoy a wide variety of fun activities, suitable for all age groups and tempers.

We have a movie club and Happy Hour, fun days and company events. Our running team offers a great workout and our family outings keep the kids away from screens. Activities, leisure or seasonal treats – we’re always out to keep our employees smiling.


Contact us

We are always happy to hear your input. Please feel free to contact us with any comment, question or request.

  • We are in Medinat ha-Yehudim St., 85, Herzliya Pituach.
  • You can contact us by mail at
  • call us directly at 09-9722022.